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AMI Life is here to help you fulfill your future dreams in better ways. By partnering with AMI life, you can not only fulfill your life goals, but you can also protect the future dreams of millions of people in Myanmar and be proud to be a licensed life insurance sales professional.


Eligibility criteria for candidates

A candidate must meet the following information

Must be settled in Myanmar.

Must have passed the university entrance exam. (or) who failed the matriculation examination, must have worked in the insurance field for five (5) years.

He shall not be declared a deaf person.​

Must not be convicted of a crime.

Not be involved in money laundering and the financing of terrorist organizations.

Refusal to issue an insurance agent (or broker) license (or similar license) in Myanmar (or any other country); Not subject to suspension (or revocation).

Fraud Shall not be prosecuted in court for any offense of fraud (or misappropriation).

Must meet other requirements issued by the Financial Supervision and Inspection Department from time to time.

An applicant for a life insurance agent license must meet the following requirements

Must have attended insurance agent training or insurance training conducted by the relevant insurance company

Must have passed the qualification test conducted by the insurance agent training

In order to issue an insurance agent license, approval must be obtained from the Insurance Regulatory Authority


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Qualifications to act as a corporate insurance agent

To act as a corporate insurance agent, you must meet the following criteria.

The persons who will work in the corporate insurance agent must have an insurance agent license.

At least three (3) persons who hold an insurance agent license must be included in the persons who will conduct business in the financial institution.

The corporate insurance agent is authorized to operate insurance business. regulations, No action shall be taken under the regulatory directives and other existing laws.

A person at the management level involved in a corporate insurance agent must not be employed in another insurance business.

Must meet other requirements set by the Financial Supervision and Inspection Department.

Procedures for obtaining a corporate insurance agent license

A corporate insurance agent must apply for a license to the Insurance Regulatory Authority with the following information.

the legal name of the corporate insurance agent; date of establishment; (A copy of the registration issued by the Directorate of Investments and Companies)

Address of head office and name of representative in charge;

Names and addresses of directors;

In addition to insurance agent activities, major businesses;

A copy of the company’s articles of incorporation;

List of insurance agents to carry out business and copies of licenses;

Other matters specified by the Financial Supervision Department.

Must have a minimum capital of 15 Millions Myanmar Kyats.


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