Education Life

Every parent saves their income to support their children’s education to be success. When the unfortunates would have come across before their goal, AMI Life’s Education Life Insurance plan provide the empower the childern to reach the goal at ease.



  • Policy Type
    Individual policy
  • Eligible Age
    Between 18 years to 56 years
  • Policy Term and Premium Term
    5 years for 9 years of policy term
    7 years for 11 years of policy term
    10 years for 14 years of policy term
  • Sum Insured Amount
    Minimum MMK 5,000,000 up to MMK 100,000,000
  • Premium
    Premium will be calculated based on Insured’s Age and Sum Insured amount
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Why Should You Be Insured?


Saving Practise

The policyholder shall obtain the saving practise for their children’s education.


Able to make better future for the child

The policyholder makes the better future for their children’s education by savings


Focus only on the targeted saving amount

The policyholder can only focus on their regular saving practise to realise their children’s education to be success.

How to Claims?

The claimant can claims with the proof of document at AMI Life.

Mobile Phone – +959 940 077 773 (Ext: 3)

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